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Player: Stephanie

Race: Half-Elf

Class:Fighter /Wizard

Aliandara, also known as Ali, has seen much in her over 125 years. She has served in the Maeron military for 50 years, watching the expansion of The Wretches. She has trained entire companies of men, watching as they were promoted ahead of her. She has served in both the Army and Navy for the Maeron Military.

After completing her final tour in the military, Ali decided to open a shop, making the bows she so frequently used. She was doing quite well making custom bows until another merchant decided that she was too much competition. He went to the local magistrate, telling him that the bow she had on display was one of his that was stolen. When police were sent to investigate, the officers were ones she had trained in the military and recognized the bow the merchant was claiming to be his was the one that Aliandara had used in the military as her personal bow for 50 years. The merchant's case was thrown out and he was warned of filing any more false charges, but Ali was told that it was in her "best interest" if she closed her shop and moved on.

Frustrated by this turn of events, Ali chose to return to Westwall and enter the Festival where groups were sent into The Wretches to lessen the numbers of creatures there and thus begins her story with the party.

Opinions on Party Members[edit | edit source]

Dru - "Not a bad leader. Kinda wish he was still around."

Katja - 

Pierce - "She cared more about that damn Badger than her own well-being." 

Raincar - "Just play along and everything will work itself out eventually."

Chan - "How the hell do you get a white guy named Chan and he becomes a Monk?"  

Max - "Asshole."  

Jonford -  

Mikal -  

Flynt - "That angel thing. . . ."  

Sir Cygnus - "What a fruitcake, but pretty damn useful in a fight."  

Beatrix - "And I thought I was a little militant. . . .she makes me look tame. And what's with the elf fetish?"  

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