"I remember, as a child, the incessant mocking lashed upon me from the other children. They could not understand my passion, my enthusiasm,  my desire, but mostly my size. They lashed at me in fear and unknowing, this is nature and not their fault. I turned the other cheek, again and again and again. I am certain that they have come to realize that their fear was out of ignorance and not actual threat. Once, I was beaten so badly that I was forced to remain in the infirmary of the orphanage for nearly a full moon. Ha! I tell you those were the most vivid discussions with St. Cuthbert that I have had as of yet!!"

This Zen Master sacrificed his life for the ultimate truth during the Chakras of the Sphinx.

He has ascended into Axiomatic Plane, as an Avatar of Law & Order, and will be missed.

Opinions on Party Members[edit | edit source]

Dru -  

Katja -  

Raincar - Quite powerful, need to keep an eye on him in case he get's sloppy or over zealous with one of those fireballs. 

Ali - Now this is a special snowflake.  

Max - This half Orc can tell quite the story, quite embellished for shock effect. Also has nice potions. 

Jonford - Effective fighter, keep an eye on him so he does not get himself in over his head again. 

Mikal -  

Cygnus - Poor soul is a bit lost, however his big swan will digest what remains him eventually. 

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