Player: Sophia

Class: Druid

Race: Halfling

Opinions on Party Members[edit | edit source]

Ali - Bitchy elf. Not a badger.

Dru - Bossy dwarf. Also not a badger.

Flynt - Probably sees badgers in the smoke that's always around him.

Ella - Music human. Badger? Nope.

Oliver Wildweed - Sneaky human. Possibly can procure another badger.

Pierce - Keeper of badgers. Founder of Badger Kingdom...? Yes.

Raincar the Magnificent - He made me a balloon badger once. I like him.

Sir Cygnus - He comes from a land of mystical badgers. I know this.

Bea - Still no badgers.

Max - I'm pretty sure he's eaten at least four badgers. He is the sworn enemy of my people.

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