Player: Mikey P


Race: Human?????

Class: Wizard

Titles[edit | edit source]

  • Last Of His Kind
  • Protector Of The Tower Of Time
  • Greatest Midwife in the Realm
  • Second Greatest Alchemist
  • Member Of The Nasty Nine
  • Adviser And Friend Of The Great Thane
  • Member of the Handsome Five
  • Member of the Chop Socky Six
  • King of the Horde
  • Protector of Magic
  • Son Of The High Mage Chronenis
  • Arch Mage Of Fire and Time
  • One Whom set Anara Blaine Ablaze Twice
  • Friend of All Life

Opinions on Party Members[edit | edit source]

Dru - Is Raincar's best friend. He now has seen into the mind of the great Wizard and knows the truth. Raincar refers to him as the Great Thane and Friend of the world of Ruin. Both Dru and Raincar share a bond and are both good souls.

Ali - Her magic is great and she could be one of this world's most powerful wizards, if she chose to. He is a bit confused by her choice to jump into the world of bow and swords. Why does she not like her father? I think she is more free and at peace now, more then ever. It seem as though she is now embracing her magic side more then her martial side. She also knows that I tell the truth and this may lend me her ear more often now. I am glad that her eyes are beginning to open. This old elf will be one of my longest friends. 

Jonford - He is a lost soul, in time I hope he finds his true path. He may be here, not even knowing that he will be my protector.

Chan - He was a lot taller last time. 

Gormax - Believes Max's alchemy is crude but effective and that he has either great pain in his heart or felt great loss. Max also appears quite cunning and calculative and will do what needs to be done rather than what is right. I now know he has a chance. If he can forgive, he can be good. And if he can be good, that means he could learn. And if he could learn, then maybe he can be great. I will find it funny this, very funny if this trickster is one that is sent to actually protect me, because of the loss of my two guardians.

Katja -

Pierce -  

Mikal -  

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