Rancor Greatrant

Race: Goblin

Class: Wizard

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Occupation: Hero For Hire

Quote: Zikish bulack iksis daor!

(Goblin: A Goblin is Not a Slave)

Rancor was born into a slave family of Goblins under Hobgoblin rule. In his youth, during holidays Rancor heard tales of a long gone ancestor who longed to be free of his bonds. Through the books of the Elves and Hermans he was able to understand the power of words. One day he claimed he had found a way away from bondage and promised to free his family. He vanished, never to return. Inspired by these tales Rancor taught himself the power of words, coveting every word he could find. He devoured every label, note, tract, or post he could find both philosophically and literally. With a little luck, Rancor stumbled upon a magical tome, and the rest is history. Now, he quests to free his family and friends from their life of servitude. He thinks that the fabled land of Bernie's Crack will be the right place for his people to rest.

Lately, Rancor has developed a passion for horseback riding.


Opinions of Party Members:

Katmandu: Nice Kitty

Zarga: One day she'll understand.

Zyn: Dark Elf? Well no shit.

Batch: What the fuck is a Giraff?

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