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The day I lost faith in the Drow is the same day that I put a dagger in the base of my brother's skull.

Don't get me wrong. That's just how it goes down below. If the tumor monsters don't get you, and the Matrons don't get you, then someone else will. But what bothered me about this was that we were both from a disgraced House and I thought that our family name and our bond as brothers would be enough to bring us together. It obviously wasn't.

It was good for a while... we made ourselves valuable enough from a young age that we would often be chosen for hunting parties. With his battle prowess and my penchant for stealth, we made a good team. When we weren't dodging death, we had devised a plan to finally make a break for the surface. We'd been sneaking up to the surface for years. We'd encountered a few roaming goblin packs. Enough that we'd both picked up a fair amount of goblin and our eyes had finally acclimated to the surface light. With the two of us watching each other's backs, I figured we'd actually have a chance. Plus, we were godsdamned Drow. We were born better. The surface world had barely seen the likes of us.

The day we finally made a break for it, I felt the point of a falchion in my back. I will never forget his words. "Coward. When I take you back in chains..." I don't honestly remember what happened after that. He made a mistake. I capitalized. He died. As I felt him go limp, I wept. He was my brother. Was. I had thought, foolishly, we could rise above the teachings of the Spider Queen, the Matrons, and all those who wished to keep us below. As Drow, we were born better. It was only the disgrace of our House that kept us from rising.

It was in my melancholy that I heard them. The surface elves. They were beset upon by a filthy ettin. They were hopelessly outmatched. I figured I could take their supplies after I dispatched the ettin. But then I saw them. The two children. Girls. Hugging each other for dear life. Praying their fool parents could slay this ettin. It was weakness, I know. I snuck up behind the thing and planted two daggers in the base of both the ettin's skulls. As it crashed to the ground, I was held again at sword point... this time by two clueless elves more afraid for their children than they were of me. But they agreed to take me to their town... under watch, but unchained. And that was my life for several years. Under watch, but unchained. This would do. For now.

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